Sponsoring Donut.js!

Donut.js is made possible in part by generous company sponsorship!

Email us if you’re interested in sponsoring!

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What is Donut.js?

Founded in April 2016, Donut.js is a monthly meetup and talk series focused on creating a fun, inclusive, and supportive tech community in Portland, Oregon.

The event is held from 6–9pm on the last Tuesday of every month at Alchemy Code Lab.

Sponsorship funds are used to cover food, venue, equipment, and service costs. 100% of funds available thereafter from sponsorship and ticket sales are donated to a local nonprofit doing social justice work. Past beneficiaries include Pueblo Unido, Street Roots, Cascade AIDS Project, Proud Ground, Sisters of the Road, Sexual Assault Resource Center, Oregon Justice Resource Center, p:ear, Basic Rights Oregon, Q Center, Raphael House, JOIN, IRCO, and ChickTech PDX.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship starts at $500 for one month, with discounts for sponsoring multiple months.

1 Month
(full price)
3 Months
(save 10%)
6 Months
(save 20%)

Other Sponsorship Options

You may sponsor Donut.js for a smaller amount to cover food or services for a single event:

Donut Sponsor
(cover the cost of refreshments)
Code of Conduct Sponsor
(cover the cost of our COC responder)

What You Get

  • Two tickets for your employees to attend. (Please respect our attendees and avoid unsolicited job recruitment during socialization time.)
  • A space at the event to give out trinkets and info.
  • Your logo on our website.
  • Your logo and thanks on our Twitter.
  • Your logo and our thanks in three emails to attendees:
    • 1,000+ past attendees one week before the event.
    • 50+ ticket-holding attendees on the day of the event.
    • 50+ attendees in a follow-up email the day after the event.

What Happens at Donut.js

  • We feature three to four speakers each month. We aim to feature one technical talk, one creative talk, and one passion talk, though most talks usually aren’t so narrow.
  • Our talks cover a wide range of topics: introductions to programming languages and deep dives on development methodologies, people-focused project management and sustainable hiring practices, mental health in tech, accessibility on the web, using JavaScript to make music and art in the browser, and much more.
  • We’ve proudly hosted many first-time speakers and well-known personalities in tech.
  • See our archive of talk videos for a taste!

The Donut.js Audience

  • We have between 50 to 70 attendees each month.
  • Our audience is gender-diverse; women and non-binary people are well-represented.
  • Our audience includes a broad range of technological disciplines and experience levels. There are attendees with formal computer science training, attendees currently in code school, those who are self-taught, and people outside the industry who are interested in technology.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We created Donut.js to fill a gap in Portland’s tech meetup scene. To that end, we strive not only to make our event diverse and inclusive, but to give back to the communities that support us.

  • We intentionally center underrepresented people in our speaker lineup.
  • Donut.js has a strong Code of Conduct. We take it seriously and we enforce it.
  • Name-tags and pronoun stickers are available at check-in.
  • All host remarks and talks are live-captioned on a screen next to the speaker.
  • 3.5-foot-wide physical access lanes are taped on the floor throughout the venue.
  • Donuts are provided in both the omnivore and vegan-and-gluten-free varieties.
  • Attendees unable to afford a ticket for any reason are admitted for free.

Open Collective

We handle our finances on Open Collective, an online funding platform that allows us to collect funds easily and transparently. We are fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation, a 501(c)(3), so donations to Donut.js are tax-deductible.

You may also make a direct tax-deductible donation to Donut.js with PayPal (fees may apply) or bank transfer (free) using the details found on the Open Collective Foundation page.