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We’re looking for speakers for our meetup!

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What sort of talks would you like to see?

I’d like to see a talk about…

When/where is it?

Usually it’s from 6–9pm on the last Tuesday of the month at Alchemy Code Lab (30 NW 10th Ave)! See this month’s event page for details.

What should I talk about?

We don’t have a strict formula, but this is the balance we try to strike every month:

1× Creative Talk:

Creative applications of programming. Such as: generating lego murals out of static images, and building an in-browser RPG, generative art, etc.

1× Passion Talk:

Something you’re excited about outside of work. This can literally be anything! Kittens, mental health, how much you love burritos.

1× Technical Talk:

A deep dive on a technical topic!

Do I need to be an expert to talk?

Nope. This meetup is supposed to be fun and casual, so we want everyone to participate. We especially encourage people of underrepresented groups to apply!

How long should my talk be?

10–12 minutes. There won’t be any formal Q&A.

What should be in my talk submission?

Just a few sentences describing what you want to talk about would be great.

What were past talks about?

Take a look at our past speakers.

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