Come speak at Donut.js!

We are always accepting talk submissions. We’d love to have you!

When/where is it?

Usually it’s from 6–9pm on the last Tuesday of the month at Alchemy Code Lab (30 NW 10th Ave)! See this month’s event page for details.

What should I talk about?

Here are some broad topics to consider:

  • Creativity: Artful, creative, fun, funny software, hardware, and web projects.
  • Community: Where tech and people meet. How do they affect each other? What issues do they face? What deserves more attention? Who is doing important work, and why is it so vital?
  • Passion: Something unrelated to tech (or is it?): Bees, gemstones, travel…
  • Technical: A deep dive on a technical topic. A history lesson. A state-of-the-[technology] update. An introduction to a new or obscure piece of tech.

Do I need to be an expert to talk?

Nope. Donut.js strives to be a welcoming and inclusive environemnt for all—we want everyone to participate. We strongly encourage first-time speakers and folx from marginalized and underrepresented groups to apply!

How long should my talk be?

10–15 minutes.

What should I keep in mind when crafting my talk?

As a speaker, we encourage you to be thoughtful about the language and imagery you use in your talk.

Things that can make your talk more accessible:

  • Acknowledging privilege
  • Acknowledging power dynamics
  • Acknowledging historical context
  • Avoiding othering language
  • Adding trigger or content warnings when needed
  • Having high-contrast slides with minimal, large text

If it would be helpful, we would be happy to go over your talk before you present.

What were past talks about?

Take a look at our past speakers.

All set?

We’d love to have you! Press that button:

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