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Donut.js is a monthly meet-up in Portland, OR with a handful of wonderful talks on tech, creativity, community, and the places they come together.

The next Donut.js is on Tuesday, September 25th at 6pm at Alchemy Code Lab at 30 NW 10th Ave (right across from Powell’s—see a map).

Tickets are $10 or free and include donuts and refreshments!

Every month, our proceeds go to a local non-profit. This month we are raising money for Cascade AIDS Project & Prism Health, whose mission is to “support and empower all people with or affected by HIV, reduce stigma, and provide the LGBTQ+ community with compassionate healthcare.”

Details on the venue, accessibility, food, and goodies.

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  • 6:00pm

    Arrive, socialize, eat tasty donuts and snacks!
  • 6:30

    Opening Remarks
  • 6:45

    Eli Duke @eliduke

    Forking a Gem: Taking Open-Source Software Into Your Own Hands

  • 7:00

    10-minute break
  • 7:15

    Naomi Rubin @naomiyaki

    Don’t Gender that Robot, and other options for adding representation to your fiction story

  • 7:30

    10-minute break
  • 7:45

    Suz Hinton @noopkat

    Exploring WebUSB and Its Exciting Potential

  • 8:00

    Meet people and eat more donuts!

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Upcoming Donut.js Events

Donut.js occurs on the last Tuesday of most months!

  • Donut.js September 2018 • 6–9pm, Tuesday, September 25th Get Tickets
  • Donut.js October 2018 • 6–9pm, Tuesday, October 30th Get Tickets
  • Donut.js November 2018 • 6–9pm, Tuesday, November 27th Get Tickets

Donut.js may happen on a different day if the last Tuesday conflicts with a holiday.
There is no Donut.js in December.
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Want to speak at Donut.js? We’re accepting proposals here! Your talk can be about anything in the wide world of tech and the people, culture, and creativity therein. You don’t need to be an expert to speak, and you don’t need to have given a talk before!

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Donut.js is a not-for-profit event. We use sponsorship money to cover our event materials costs and donate the rest to a local charity. Want to sponsor Donut.js? You can learn more about sponsoring here! Sponsor Us

Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to follow the Donut.js Code of Conduct. We take this seriously and ask that you do the same.


Learn more about helping out at Donut.js. If you’d like to get involved, email us or message us at @donutjs us on Twitter!

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Donut.js & Stumptown Syndicate

Donut.js is proud to be an associated project of Stumptown Syndicate, a nonprofit that aims to cultivate a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of diverse and inclusive technology communities in Portland, OR and the wider Pacific Northwest. Stumptown Syndicate is also our fiscal sponsor, handling our financial matters and other operational details.

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