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Donut.js was a monthly meet-up in Portland, OR with a handful of wonderful talks on tech, creativity, community, and the places they come together.

Donut.js ran from April 2016 to February 2020, with a total of 38 events and 125 talks. We also donated upwards of $15K to local organizations doing social good.

an illustration of an anthropomorphized donut waving at you

Hello friends,

We are sad to announce that Donut.js is officially winding down. The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, and after two years of hiatus and with in-person events still not happening, we don’t feel we can reboot the meetup with the care and intention it deserves.

Endless and gigantic thanks to everyone who gave a talk, met someone new, watched a video, volunteered their time, sponsored us, or just came and ate our donuts and drank our LaCroix over the years.

Special thanks also to our organizer team over the years, to our Code of Conduct Responders, to our live captioner @StenoKnight, to Aaron Parecki for expertly recording our talks, and to Alchemy Code Lab for hosting us so graciously.

We hope to see you all again someday, in some new expression of creativity and inclusivity in our tech community.

This website and the @donutjs Twitter account will stay up, and past talks will remain available on our Past Speakers page and on the Donut.js YouTube channel.

So long, and thanks for all the sprinkles!

—The Donut.js Organizers, April 2022