A fun night of code and donuts!

This month’s event will be on Tuesday, August 29thth at 6pm at Alchemy Code Lab at 30 NW 10th Ave, a block up the road from our previous venue, right across from Powell’s (map).

Tickets are $10 (includes a donut), and leftover proceeds go to a local non-profit.

This month we are raising money for Basic Rights Oregon, an organization that works tirelessly for the rights of LGBTQ Oregonians.

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Here’s a Twitter thread talking about all the great stuff we’ve got going on this month!


  • 6:00pm

    Arrive and nom on tasty donuts!
  • 6:30

    Opening Remarks
  • 6:40

    Lee Baillie @_lbaillie

    Ruby is Awesome! Rust is Awesome! Building a Game in Both is AWESOME!

  • 7:00

    Kara Sowles @feynudibranch

    Carrying On: Tech Travel Lessons

  • 7:20

  • 7:40

    Liz Abinante @feministy

    The Social Responsibility of Coding

  • 8:00

    Meet people and eat more donuts!

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Want to speak at Donut.js? We’re accepting proposals here! Your talk can be anything from knitting machines to the JavaScript v8 engine. And nope, you don’t need to be an expert to speak.

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Donut.js is a not-for-profit event. We use sponsorship money to cover our event materials costs and donate the rest to a local charity. Want to sponsor Donut.js? You can learn more about sponsoring here! Sponsor Us

Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to follow the Donut.js Code of Conduct. If following this seems silly, please don’t attend!


To contact the organizers, or if you’d like to get involved, check out some of our open GitHub issues where we are discussing speakers, sponsorships, etc. Or reach out to @donutjs on Twitter!

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